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Nataly Lola: Music

Take Me Dancing

(written by Nataly Lola)
Performed by NATALY LOLA
Chorus Melody written by my beautiful niece Hannah. Only 3 years old at the time.. she was loving "The Little Mermaid" day she came in my room dancing in a continues circle while singing something about dancing on the ocean floor while i played this tune.. adorable.

Take me dancing
Take me dancing
Take me dancing
just you and me on the ocean floor

take me dancing
bodies singing
our feet our laughing
just you and me on the ocean floor

don't be nervous let yourself be
the other people that you see they're just having fun like you and me
take the time and let yourself see
the beauty that's created in our dancing chemistry

let's not take the time to think we can
let's just be ourselves baby it's just you and me just you and me
wearin my summer dress in those winter nights
ask me any time honey i won't put up a fight