From the recording Daddy's Shot Gun


Drivin home on the 45 & your black trucks in overdrive
Who knows what you’re chasin after tonight
Lookin at you in the rear view mirror
Little sister screams as you draw nearer
We know no ones home to see us through

Baby sister stop your cryin
lock the door and just be quiet
Something overtakes me as i run
to grab daddys shot gun

Lookin out the window there your standin
who know what the plans your plannin
I can’t just sit back and let this happen
I’m so damn angry i don’t feel frightened
Something from above makes me enlightened
I take the gun and point it right at your head

staring down your cold black figure
feelin my finger bout to pull this trigger
I’m about to do somethin i know i don’t want to do
Watching your face turning white as snow
You aint got no choice but to go
Right back down that wretched road where you came from