waitin on friday night i'm thinkin i could dim the lights
the night before was just a little too crazy
maybe i'll just stay in i'm thinkin about callin him
maybe we'll grab some wine and just be lazy

and i'm thinkin of somethin
something free
and i'm thinkin of somethin
so lovely
and i'm thinkin of somethin
something that includes
you, you and me

i'm here sittin thinking about what we could do
when all is said and done you know i'll be anzy
you know i never can sit still when i am with you
let's go out on the town and do something crazy

and i can't wait
to see your beautiful face
and i just know
no matter what we do i'll have so much fun
cause i'm with you
and all i can hope is that you feel the same way as i do

i know i never can decide what i am thinkin
i don't mean to be acting contradicting
but as long as we are thinking of somethin
let's just let go and flow in the music