what to do when you're walkin out my door
what to do as i'm gazing down those long rail road tracks
what do when you're out there on the road again
what to do with my lonely broken heart

and lately there's been a lot of lonesome souls
comin around and tellin me they're in love
but it don't mean nothin to me
damn near nothin to me
the problem is they just aint you

what to do with all these happy memories
sure i keep busy but my mind don't take a break from you
what to do with all these lonesome feelings
surely they out number the times you were here

but i can't quit you baby
i just can't quit you baby
something keeps me holding on
well maybe it's just what i deserve for breaking all those hearts when you're not here

i never meant to look to the sky
i never even really meant to try
but i can't stop missing you
and i'm so afraid
that nothing will compare to kissing you