Nataly Lola winner in the "Open" category San Luis New Times Music Awards!

Hello Everybody! 

Well last week I got some happy news that I thought I would share with you all. :-) I am very honored to have been selected as a winner in the 9th annual New Times Music Awards this year. This was my first year entering and out of 300+ people they picked 24 artists and one of them is little ole me! My song "Meet Me at Midnight" was chosen to place in the "Open" category. NTMA are also putting this song on their official New Times Music Award Winners Album. Yay! I'm very excited and honored! 
I will be dedicating this award to my amazing music mentor Randy Rigby who passed away earlier this year. Without him I would not be the musician I am today. 
The awards ceremony will be early November, but in the meantime this song will ALSO be in the Reader's Choice award category. So if you log on to: 
and listen to my song "Meet Me at Midnight" you can vote for it as many times as you like from Oct 5th (Tomorrow) - Oct 19th. Thank you in advance to my friends who vote for me!
And thank you SLO New Times for choosing me as one of your winners. There are so many talented musicians in this area and I am thrilled to be accepting this award along side so many talented colleagues.